We run various programs and rent outdoor games. Our team not only delights people by creating unique and memorable experiences, but also strives to provide versatile and customized programs for the needs of each event. With great enthusiasm and professionalism, we enrich every event, give it uniqueness and vitality.


Our most important task is to create an upbeat, fun and unique environment where the people involved feel comfortable and fully included. Our goal is not only to meet our customers' expectations, but also to exceed them, providing special and incomparable experiences that will remain in the memory for a long time.


Edgaras Mockus

The first born game "Mega Jenga". I created it together with the students of the art academy in my hometown Telšiai on July 2, 2014. The one-day festival "Telšiai Goes Massive" followed, during which I presented several more games. This activity of mine was moving, but not gaining momentum, because I lacked experience in trying to popularize a small business, no matter how good the idea was. I moved to Klaipėda. While getting to know the environment and people, I didn't abandon my games. They traveled with me to friends' gatherings, family celebrations, and sometimes I even rented them out. Feeling that I wanted something new, since all the games had been tested many times, I decided to change everything. I quit my job with a steady income, gave up my biggest hobby, my motorcycle, sold it, traded my car for an older and bigger one to transport games.

Geri Visada founder


I am Edgaras Mockus, the founder of game rental "Geri Visada". Already at school, I helped organize various events, and later, celebrations in the city. I grew and improved. I also had experience with events in a nightclub, but I felt that I lacked experience, even though my heart always led to the side of events. At school they just called me the entertainment boy. There was no lack of action where I was. I tried my hand at various organizations where I increased my experience. I attended many trainings. I developed finesse, professionalism and order during events while working as an assistant to a professional presenter.



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